PROGAL plv.a.u.v.

PROGAL is a potentiated probiotic preparation with content of Lactobacillus casei and potentiating component which slows down growth and multiplication of undesirable microorganisms – pathogens. The lacto-flora comprised in the preparation has a high ability for competitive battle with undesirable microorganisms and creates a so called microbial barrier against pathogens and potential pathogens. By taking the binding locations on bowel epithelia it prevents penetration of pathogens into organism and simultaneously causes their gradual elimination from organism and environment.

PROGAL due to stabilisation of inner environment and support of growth of physiological microflora positively influences digestive processes and usability of feed and gains in animals. Due to protection of digestive tract and optimisation of digestive processes it prevents occurrence of diarrheas.

PROGAL due to its effect on lymphatic system increases the immunity of the organism.

PROGAL produces also vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid and pantothenic acid. It increases the digestibility of proteins. Lactobacilli due to influence of various chemical substances /e.g. conservation substances in food /antibiotics and chemotherapeutics disappear from organism and therefore it is necessary to restore them in the bowel system.


Potentiated probiotic preparation for calves, lambs, dairy cows, sheep.
Probiotic component: Lactobacillus casei CCM 7159
Potentiating component: malt dextrin, fructooligosaccharide in 1 % conc. in preparation


Preventively and therapeutically at diarrheas. Boosting of immunity of animals mainly in critical periods, in the first days of life of the young, in spring season, at change of feed. As a preventive and supportive treatment of diarrheas and respiratory syndrome of calves. Preventively at enterotoxaemia of lambs. Support of immunity in winter season and during deliveries. At pasteurellosis, listeriosis and coccidiosis of sheep and lambs preventively. At long term administration to sheep and lambs also for sanation of environment. By reduction of presence of potential pathogens and their elimination from the environment it significantly decreases the multitude and occurrence of mastitis in herd.


White up to yellowish powder.

Way of use

Perorally in feed or drinking water.


Preventively calves, adult cattle, big ruminants /deer, fallow-deer/: 5g /animal/day minimally for 10 days. In critical periods according to indications, minimally 30 days or 5g/animal/day with 14 days breaks. Small ruminants, lambs, kids, adult sheep, goats: 2g/animal/day minimally for 10 days. We recommend administering minimally once in 2-3 months.


One coffee spoon contains approx. 2-3g of preparation, one tea spoon 5-6g, one table spoon approx. 15g. The preparation is not harmful at overdosing! Adverse effects: not known.

  • Protective period: without protective period
  • Storage: At room temperature in dry and dark place.
  • Designation: For animals only.
  • Without prescription of veterinary doctor.
  • Package size: 200g.
  • Period of usability: 12 months